Our Strengths

Environmentally Friendly


The first cemetery and crematory that does not pollute soil, ground water and atmosphere, and does not spread urban pests.

Solution in Urbanization


The Ash Memorial format is about 90% more efficient than a conventional horizontal graveyard in use and use of urban space

Sustainable Construction and Environmental Management


Our processes are molded according to Leed and Well worldwide certifications, guaranteeing quality, control and commitment.

Technology and Inovation


Location systems, biography, genealogical history and virtual wake-up call.

Humanized Care


Our infrastructure was designed to guarantee the physical and mental comfort of our clients.



Social solution for population and prefectures.


Environmentally Friendly

A new concept of farewell.



About Us

The Ash Memorial is a new concept in cemetery and crematory, with 100% ecological structure and process, both in construction and in the management of inputs and waste. It is the only one that in the process does not pollute the soil, the groundwater or the atmosphere, and prevents the proliferation of insects, fungi and bacteria. Making smart and efficient use of urban space, Ash Memorial solves the problem of growing demand for space in traditional cemeteries.
Our differentiated facilities and services present innovative structure and services in the sector, offering legal and psychological assistance. We are prepared to receive and embrace all creeds and cultures, respecting diversity according to concepts of humanization that follow world trends.



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Estr. Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, 2532-2674 - Jardim Torrao de Ouro, São José dos Campos - SP